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 Sand art with a Christmas theme - Sergey Nazarov

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Kerry Kistler

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PostSubject: Sand art with a Christmas theme - Sergey Nazarov   Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:49 pm

Sand art can teach an important technique to chalk artists. They morph from one scene to another. Some advanced chalkers use this in their own drawings. I used to do a drawing about Daniel where I drew his room showing the window where he prayed, then Daniel kneeling in prayer. Then I wiped out the background - but not the figure of Daniel praying. Around the figure I drew the inside of the cave-like den with lions surrounding Daniel - still praying. The constant element in the drawing was a praying Daniel while everything around him changed.

Gary Means uses the same technique with a drawing about Noah's Ark which stays constant while everything around it changes.

See how this sand art starts with a snowscape and morphs into a decorated Christmas tree.

More by Sergey from The Theatre of Sand, Moscow, can be seen here in the artist's video gallery: http://sandart.ru/films.html