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 Searching for content on The Chalk Loft

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Kerry Kistler

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PostSubject: Searching for content on The Chalk Loft   Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:15 pm

Hi Gang,

As this site grows, good content may get buried in past posts. When I set up the Loft I thought it could become the largest, searchable database of chalk art material on the internet. I still do...but there is something you need to know.

The search function that you see in the menu bar (below the Chalk Loft header) DOES have a search function. But I discovered (after the fact) this strange quirk: It will only search keywords found in the TITLES of posts, NOT in the BODY of posts. This is not good. For instance, suppose you want to prepare a chalk talk on Noah and want to do some research here. As of today (10/25/2010), only 1 hit will show for "Noah". But I KNOW that 3 other posts have information in them about Noah.

Several of us forum administrators have been hounding the Forumotion tech staff about fixing this. So far, this issue is a low priority for them. They can't seem to see that a built-in search function should search both post titles AND post content.

Anyway, there is a solution but it will take an extra step on your part when searching for content on The Chalk Loft.

1. Click on the Search button in the menu bar.

2. A little box will open that says "Search Query" but DON'T use this box. Instead, click on the words at the bottom of the box that say "Advanced Search."

3. Now type in your keyword and click the "SEARCH GOOGLE" button. This does not mean that Google will search the entire web for your keyword but only The Chalk Loft.

4. If your keyword appears anywhere in The Loft, it will appear in a Google list. Click on any of the hits that appear and you will be redirected back to the relevant post.

It may sound complicated but it's pretty simple. Be aware that all content may not be immediately available. In other words, it you make a post, it may take a few days for it to be "crawled" by Google and included in a search. But it WILL show up eventually.

Hope this little tutorial on searching The Chalk Loft is of some help.


www.ChalkIllustrated.com | www.GoldenChalkClassics.blogspot.com | www.ChalkedAndAmazed.com

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Searching for content on The Chalk Loft
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