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 Should we rename the "Chalk Talk"?

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Kerry Kistler

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PostSubject: Should we rename the "Chalk Talk"?   Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:30 am

Interesting philosophical musings from http://www.maniactive.com/states/2006_04_01_archive.html

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Should We Rename the "Chalk Talk"?

"Some of my favorite presentations this year have been decidedly low-tech. We used to call these presentations "chalk talks" -- because presenters would stand up in front of a black or green chalkboard and send up a dust storm by scratching their ideas on a chalk board while they gave their pitch.

However, I haven't seen an actual "chalk" board room in years: maybe over a decade. As more presenters and audience members started using computers and digital projectors, all that chalk dust presented technical hazards. Most chalkboards and chalk have been replaced by white boards and dry erase markers.

The omnipresence of computers and technical wizardry made real "chalk talks" a thing of the past. And if you've ever seen a real chalk talker who had an affinity for this particular medium, it was a wonder to behold...think of those amazing sidewalk artists who use chalk and cement as if they were pastels and canvas.

Today, a gifted business or educational chalk talker has all but lost his or her venue. The chalk talk is a dying -- if not dead -- art form. Today, we sketch out our ideas with stinky dry erase markers on white boards or flip charts...but I still call these types of presentations "chalk talks".

So my question: do we pay homage to this dying and rhyming form of presentation by continuing to call it a "chalk talk"... or do we rename it to reflect the stench of dry erase and white board?

My dad still continues to call the refrigerator an "ice box". I still often say "dial" a phone, although I haven't actually used a dial in decades. Will the term "chalk talk" live on...or will it be replaced by another catchy term?"

Hmmm. Chalk Talk isn't a dead art form. This guy just hasn't been looking in the right places.

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Should we rename the "Chalk Talk"?
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